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If you’ve read the previous two articles in this series, “3 Things You Need To Make Money With Online Affiliate Marketing” and “The Third Thing You Need To Make Money Online Is Targeted Traffic”, you know you need a product to sell, a web site to sell it from, and targeted traffic. So far we’ve looked at various methods of generating paid traffic. This article will discuss methods for so called “free” traffic.

As I’ve indicated in a previous article, “free” traffic isn’t totally free, as you essentially pay for it with your time. If you haven’t enough time to spare, most of the tasks can be outsourced, which does cost some of your hard earned cash.

The primary methods of generating free traffic are Article Marketing and taking advantage of Social Networking. Article Marketing is by far the most stable method of generating Targeted Traffic. This method provides good long term growth of Targeted Traffic, and though it is not as rapid as some paid methods, it can generate Targeted Traffic long after the article was actually written.

Article Marketing

Article Marketing, as the title implies, involves writing content articles about various topics in the niche of interest. These articles are submitted to article syndicators such as, which is the largest, best known and carries the most authority.

The articles must conform to strict guidelines and provide useful content without directly selling a product. The only concession to advertisement or self promotion is what is called the “bio box” or “resource box” at the end of the article that appears at the bottom of the article. This bio box is usually a few lines long and typically used for the author to provide some personal information and a contact link.

A better use of this valuable space is as a resource box that provides some information about and a link to a newsletter written by the author, and perhaps offering a free report or eBook as further enticement for the reader to sign up.

Articles can be on any topic related to the target niche, but the more specific the article, the greater chance the readers that do click through are interested in the specific sub-niche being discussed in the article. Generally, good articles range from 400 to 800 words, so there is plenty of space to discuss a single topic, but most advanced topics need to be split into multiple part articles.

EzineArticles will accept articles up to 5000 words, but most other article syndicators do not. If a topic is spread across multiple articles, be sure that each article still provides valuable content as a stand-alone article, in case the reader does not see all of the articles.

Social Networking

Social Networking may be used to some advantage for generating free traffic through such avenues as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. These social networking sites were developed for one on one interactions between individuals as a means of expanding their social circle, hence the moniker “social networking”.

Twitter is somewhat unique as it has a 140 character on each post, called “tweets”. When the social networks were initially conceived and developed, the very idea or suggestion of using them for any financial gain resulted in immediate and often extreme backlash. Since the popularization or these sites, the very site owners have began monetizing them, so it is now possible to purchase ad space on them, which is not totally unlike Google’s AdWords.

Further discussion of the acceptable methods of generating Targeted Traffic through these social networks is an extended topic in itself, and will be featured in another article.

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