High Quality Visual Media Traffic

We Manage +750,000,000 Visits Per Mont With Our Media, Using Display and Videos Formats.

Cpv Traffic World is an advertising agency that works with technology that gives you the ability to present your brand, content or message when a user is most receptive and open to your brand’s influence.

Achieve exceptional performance by introducing your brand in the most relevant moments.

Connect Differently

Our industry-leading technology delivers quality traffic through a winning combination of high-performing ad blocks, granular targeting, sophisticated algorithms and an engaged audience.


Push Ad

Easily customizable to abide by your brand’s guidelines.Captivate a Targeted Audience in the Most Impactful Moment.Whether by mobile or computer, in full navigation or not, this new ad format is a direct line to customers.Push ads are a new type of native ad format, offering a non-intrusive, easy-to-use and highly engaging, way to expand your brand awareness and grow your audience.

Native Ads

Native advertising is a form of paid advertising that matches the relevancy, look, feel and function of the media format in which the content appears. Unlike display ads or banner ads, native ads don’t really look explicitly like ads which is why they perform well.

Native ads boost awareness and yield high value engagements, allowing customers to experience products before purchasing. Native advertising grows business by creating brand awareness, driving effective traffic, and generating consumer response in a natural and engaging user experience.

Video Advertising

Video Advertisements are one of the most effective forms of advertisements, as moving images are easier for customers to recall than static images or text.

New and emerging technologies like connected TVs and virtual reality create new spaces for the implementation of video ads.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising, or social media targeting, are advertisements served to users on social media platforms.

Social networks utilize user information to serve highly relevant advertisements based on interactions within a specific platform.

In many instances, when the target market aligns with the user demographics of a social platform, social advertising can provide huge increases in conversions and sales with lower cost of acquisition.

Contextual Interstitial Ads

Interstitial ads overlay a user’s visited website. Deliver your message with highly targeted banner advertisements. Our in-house design team can create rich, customizable ads. Great for Branding and Direct response campaigns.

Precision targeting supported by proprietary technology that understands user behavior and intent.Targeted keyword campaignsCreate an even more memorable experience with an interactive rich media option.Our technology allows you to expand your brand recognition while presenting yourself to a public highly interested in your products, targeted keyword campaigns.

New Tab

Targeted keyword campaigns.Make a timely introduction to your brand by presenting a convenient new tab experience.Unprecedented targeting technology drives qualified traffic from relevant content.Whether on a keyword-targeted or run-of-the-network type new tab campaign, the non-invasive ad creates high visibility.


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